Family Pool

Your family swimming pool can be anything from a regular rectangle or free form to make the most out of your backyard, it can be virtually any size or shape that you want. Tiles, copers and the different colour options for the plaster all go towards creating your own special pool.

Weir Edge Pool

Looking over your pool and swimming in it when you have a weir edge (sometimes known as an infinity edge pool) is something else. The pool appears to blend into the wider landscape giving the feeling that it’s part of the horizon. Perfect for a site on the side of a hill with a panoramic view of the sea or landscape.

Lap Pool

These pools are principally for training or exercise swimming. Long and narrow and generally there are no steps or ladders in the way which can interfere with the pool user. Great if you have a swimmer in the family – no more 5am starts to get to the local pool for training!

Plunge pools

Usually small in size and can be any depth up to 2.4m.  Good for tight sections and often connected to other water features such as streams and waterfalls.

Commercial Pool

A purpose-built pool for schools, motels or resorts.  Disabled swimmers a speciality. All filtration and equipment is sized and installed to the New Zealand Standards for commercial pools.


If your Pool is basically sound, but looking tired and in need of a birthday then we can give it a new lease on life. This can be a simple re-plaster or something more substantial such as adding steps, integrating an adjacent spa or changing the pool to include a weir edge (infinity edge) to take advantage of an amazing view. Premier Pools can work with you to transform your back yard or commercial enterprise to a unique and special space.

Additional features to consider;

  • Pool Finish – We have many options available that can make the  
    difference between a good pool and a brilliant one. Our speciality is in the application of Quartzon & Hydrazzo Plaster products. But a fully tiled pool is still considered to be the best with so many amazing glass tiles available it really is a case now of “our limitation is your imagination”! Which has been our motto from day one.
  • Pool Heating – Get the most swimming time out of your pool by installing heating (several options are available to suit your lifestyle and budget)
  • Pool Lighting – Create a real ambience to your pool and surroundings with the latest LED lights
  • Water Features – Add interest to your garden or pool area with ponds, fountains and waterfalls.
  • Pool Sanitisation Systems – We have all of the latest options available to keep your pool crystal clear and sparkling.
  • Pool Covers – We can install a retractable cover during the building process, or provide you with a suitable cover that will help heat your pool in summer, keep out debris, or keep your heated pool warm all year round.
  • Spa Pools – We can construct a fully insulated concrete spa pool to match your swimming pool or a stand-alone spa designed and made exclusively for you and the family.
  • Swim Jets – Typically for installation in smaller pools or for the family with active children, these provide water resistance – great for those in training, or wanting to tire out the kids!




If you already have a designer, great! If not, we can work with you to design your dream pool.  We can also work with your designer to ensure your plan is keeps within your budget. We can help you decide on colours, materials and styles and offer suitable alternatives if required.


We provide you with a budget estimate. If this exceeds your budget, we can work with you and your designer to tweak your plan. We want you to have a realistic expectation for your project with no hidden surprises.


Once you are happy with your quote from us, consent needs to be obtained. After the quote is accepted, we take care of all the paper work and submit your application to your local council for building consent.


We're with you all the way! Regular meetings make sure everything is on track so that you can make informed stress-free decisions. We want you to enjoy the building process as much as we do and we will do everything we can to ensure your project goes smoothly.