Pool Construction

High quality construction.

All our pools are built to the highest specifications using high quality steel as designed by our certified engineer.
A '50 years structural warranty' is consistently given to all our pools no matter where the pool is situated or its shape.

Our pools are contructed with a 150mm steel reinforced sprayed concrete shell. Sprayed concrete is often referred to as "Shotcrete". Sometimes due to unusual (i.e. cantalevered) or awkward sites a different method of construction is needed. This involves the use of concrete blocks rather than sprayed concrete. This construction still maintains the high quality of shotcrete but enables Premier Pools to build anywhere.

There are limitless surround ideas to choose from thanks to our flexible construction approach. There are no restrictions on what you can achieve!

Remember, "Our limitation is your imagination."

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What is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete is a commonly used term for sprayed concrete. This involves pumping a previously mixed concrete through a hose and pneumatically projected at a high velocity onto a surface. Shotcrete can be impacted onto any shape and type of surface giving it versatility. Shotcrete has the added advantage of producing less water, dust and rebound compared to other spray concretes such as Gunite.


There are a number of options for the finishes to your Premier Pool. These include Quartzon, Hydrazzo and tiled. All options come in a wide range of colours. More information to these products can be found on our 'Pool Design' page.

Filtration & Fittings

Each pool is custom designed right down to the filtration and disinfection system. Premier Pools only uses high quality fittings to compliment our pools; such as water features, fibre optic lighting systems, infloor cleaning equipment, automatic pool cleaners/robots, heaters, covers etc.

Domestic and Commercial

We can tackle projects of any size in any location. From an elegant pool designed to compliment a private residence to large commercial pools for hotels and resorts. Premier Pools are expert in designing and building pools of all sizes.